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Real-Time Traffic Incidents AI Analysis

Real-Time Traffic Incidents with AI Analysis provides valuable Insights with immediate Alerts based on Road Traffic Violations.

Genetec manages video processing and visualization, while traffic events are shared in the SCADA system.

This forms a VMS that enables advanced statistics, filtering, and data analysis for valuable insights.

Stopping of a vehicle

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Detection of wrong way

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Person on the road

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Traffic flow categorization

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Assessment of the road

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Genetec Security Center

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Highway Output Processing

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Detect on the Highway

Objects & Their Incidents

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Weather & Road Condition

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AI-Driven Detection

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The ideal solution for monitoring traffic and effectively resolving incidents on the road, utilizing cutting-edge camera sensors combined with advanced neural network technology, ensuring a safer and more efficient transportation environment, while also providing valuable data for future traffic planning and strategies.

Transform an ordinary camera into a smart traffic sensor. Monitor traffic situations, track the behavior of road users, count vehicles, and classify by type or model. Identify which vehicle has violated traffic rules and address these incidents immediately. Utilize PTZ cameras with automatic scene calibration or an existing camera system.

Highway-CAMAN generates comprehensive traffic statistics on vehicle speeds, types, critical times, and congestion on road sections under almost any weather condition or in low light. It alerts to the presence of people or animals on the road and is a certified tool for use in C-ITS solutions, providing information to road users.

Compared to standard AI technologies, we boasts a high detection reliability of over 95% thanks to robust neural networks trained on thousands of datasets with traffic incidents, highly precise tracking of each object, and a reliable video management platform with an extensive user interface.

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Smart Highway

we utilizes deep learning to analyze and detect traffic incidents across 76 sections of the roadway