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Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Advanced object analysis cameras have become a revolutionary tool in security solutions. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning, they provide extreme accuracy and minimal false detections

CAMAN is the perfect solution for safer transportation, industrial applications, smart city and IoT integration.

Our technology redefines safety standards, offering a smarter and more secure future for transportation and urban living.

Smart City

Real-Time Monitoring with Object Detection ensures seamless planning for Cities and their Mayors, saving time and money.

Smart Highway

Real-Time Traffic Incidents with AI Analysis provides valuable Insights with immediate Alerts based on Road Traffic Violations.

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Our products are designed for practical, real-life applications to enhance safety in urban areas and to smoothen traffic. Additionally, they aim to improve the quality of life for city residents and simplify the tasks of communications managers and city technical services.

Marek Vančo
Founder of CAMAN


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We are a young and dynamic team led by senior developers with many years of experience in developing video management products for video processing. We have utilized our knowledge to create CAMAN, a modern and powerful deep learning analytical solution.

In addition to our own development team, we actively collaborate with the academic community and engage university students in development programs focused on image data processing, analytical solutions, and particularly in artificial intelligence projects based on machine learning and neural networks.

Our products are designed for practical and real-life applications, aiming to maximize the safety of people in urban areas and transportation. These goals are achieved through two product lines.

Highway-CAMAN is a solution designed for detecting incidents on highways. It enhances the safety of road users and provides valuable statistical data to road administrators, as well as a straightforward representation of metadata, thanks to integration with C-ITS, SCADA, and GENETEC VMS platforms.

City-CAMAN, on the other hand, analyzes events within Smart Cities, significantly increasing the safety of individuals in traffic and urban environments. It not only improves the quality of life for city residents but also simplifies the work of road managers and municipal technical services.